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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anne's Dilemma

(This is NOT a movie review.)

Watching movies in the theater nowadays is so expensive so I rarely do it.  But I did see the trailer of Anne Curtis's new movie 'No Other Woman' and one of her lines there caught my attention.  What she said was something like this:

What will you do if the only man that you loved is unfortunately married?  I am not going to give up.  Rather, I'm putting up a god-damned fight!

 (I hope I got that right.)
Anyway, here are my thoughts on it.  (Remember that I haven't seen the movie so this is more of a general thing.  It's not necessary to take it in the context of the movie.)

First, a question: when did you find out that the guy is married?

If you know from the start that the guy is married, then you should know enough to stop yourself from developing any special feelings for him.  (Needless to say, you shouldn't play with fire.)  Now, you may say 'but I can't help it if I do'.  Two options then: (1) choose to distance yourself from the guy, or (2) stay, but limit yourself to being just friends with him.

If you only find out that the guy is married after you have already developed a relationship with him, then you have to wonder why that is.  It seems impossible it didn't come up in conversations at least.  So apparently, the guy hid this fact from you?  And I doubt that means anything good.  The relationship has to end.

The bottomline is: you always have to keep in mind that it is not just your self that you have to think about.  You also have to consider the guy, his wife, and their family.  Therefore, in this case, better to accept and let go, rather than put up a god-damned fight.


  1. I agree on you .. don't fight for the man if you know from the very start that it is a sin. Or even you knew it after it may result to trouble.

  2. I would say that being in Love to a Married person whether to a Woman or to a Man isn't really a rare situation even before and now. So I don't judge whomever experienced this so complicated matter. If it is true Love, it won't heal easily, she might be called a sinner for falling in love to a married person, at the same time she is also suffering from it. As long as she can still control he or herself not to ruin the marriage, I have nothing against it. Remember if he or she is yours, True Love can WAIT and destiny has it's own very weird way of bringing the two of you together....... :)(: PEACE

  3. Hello Mona and Anonymous! Thanks for visiting and commenting. =)


    I think I see what you mean.

    I'm not actually passing judgement on someone who falls in love with a married man or woman. I mean, I'm not saying that doing so makes one a bad person or a 'sinner'. Because you are right, this is not something rare. It happens. And probably, most of the time, it's not something one can help. It's sort of an involuntary thing, isn't it - having feelings for someone.

    But when the person gets to the point where he/she wants to *act on* that feeling, and by that I mean for example, wanting to pursue the other person (the 'I-want-him-to-be-mine' type of pursuit =P ), or bringing the relationship to a level beyond what may be considered 'friendly', he/she needs to stop and think of everyone involved, that is, including the spouse and family.

    There is a difference between simply having the feelings (I'm in love with a married person. *sigh*) and acting on it (I want him! He's mine! And I'm going to do something about it!). =P

    I think pretty much that is what you mean - that if the person can still keep things on a friendly level, then there's nothing wrong with it (the friendly relationship). And if the person and the married one is, in the end, meant for each other, then there is no need to 'act on it'.

    Peace to you too! ;)