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Saturday, September 24, 2011

QWERTY on Phones

Time to update this blog again! I'll start off with something light. =)

QWERTY on phones.

I had a typing class in high school so I'm one of those who learned to type with the right finger on the right key. So when I first found out about QWERTY phones, I thought it was a bit absurd. I thought, why would anyone want to have a QWERTY keyboard on such a small space you can't comfortably fit your two hands on? Besides, you'd need to put the phone down somewhere to type on it like a typewriter or keyboard. Of course, I should have realized that you're not expected to use it like a typewriter. Hehe. =P Anyway,...

My sister sent me a QWERTY phone so now I'm 'forced' to use it. And as with most things, if you use it often enough, you adapt and get used to it.

I suppose the main advantage is that you don't need to press on keys several times to get to certain letters, as is the case with alpha-numeric keypads (unless you use predictive texting). And maybe QWERTY pads are more universal among different brands (I may be wrong). I mean, I usually get confused with alpha-numeric keypads when switching between Nokia and Samsung phones - the keys for space and clear/backspace are different, and maybe even between different models of the same brand.

As for whether QWERTY pads are better than alpha-numeric keypads, I haven't decided yet. =P

I, for one, find it more convenient to use two hands when using the QWERTY pad, compared to one-handed use of the alpha-numeric pad. (Actually, I've tried using just one hand with the QWERTY pad and it can be done, but I prefer two hands because I feel there's always a danger of dropping the phone with just one hand, the keys being small and very close to the edge.)

So, is this a good or a bad thing? I think the effect is that you'd need to focus more on the phone if both hands are occupied by it. So maybe this will deter people from trying to text while doing other things like walking, going up or down stairs, and driving. If so, then maybe it is a good thing and may lower the possibility of injuries and accidents. But then again, you never know. Some people can be a bit hardheaded and reckless, choosing to focus on the phone rather than keep their eyes on the road (with potentially disastrous results). As they say, never underestimate the power of human stupidity...